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Athens Contemporary Art Tours
By Oohmygreece and Jordanis Theodoridis, Art Dealer

An extraordinary opportunity to experience both the ancient and contemporary city of Athens on a much more in-depth level than an average tour. Conducted by art dealer Jordanis Theodoridis, you will visit major cultural venues, art institutions and discover the many unique places of Athens.


The Art Tour with Mr Theodoridis was an amazing experience! We had the chance to see all the active art scene of Athens and experience some of the country’s most renown artists! It was a eye opening tour with so much to enjoy, so much to understand and so much to learn about the contemporary Greek civilization. Mr Theodoridis is a deep scholar of fine arts and a true pleasure to socialize with.
Quite a gem proposed by Thedda! Thank you!

Lady D. Vienna 
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