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A retreat for demanding individuals who seek an experiential way to leave the weight of the daily routine behind and spend some valuable “me-time” in pristine mountain nature yet enjoying the sights and sounds of the sea. 

A 7-day comprehensive retreat that focuses on total self-transformation via 3 key elements: balanced purposeful nutrition, detox massages and stress management.  The essential core of the program is the daily uphill trek on stunning and clearly marked mountain trails. Your wellness is supplemented by 2 daily yoga sessions, a massage, body empowerment and evening talks. The program is conducted in english.


The location was great, the hikes well planned and your team always on the ball. The hotel was very nice and cosy. The chef was amazing and set new dimension in vegetarian cooking! A truly unique, challenging and inspiring experience. The venue was great, the organization excellent and the team of professional trainers was truly amazing. A reviving, mind, sole and body reset. Haven’t felt so good for years!!

Can’t wait for the next one! 

Adrian Kouyoufas 

It was an incredible opportunity to challenge myself both physically and mentally. On offer is a week of hiking, yoga and incredible food. The hikes are long and arduous, the yoga along with a daily massage soothes your aching muscles and the vegetarian food (I’m not vegetarian but it was amazing), offers a balanced AND really delicious opportunity to ‘cleanse’. After 6 days, I left fitter, healthier and with a renewed sense of clarity/self. I highly recommend it for individuals who seek to kickstart a new beginning, I honestly have found it transforming. 

Lana de Beer David 

What a week!!! Every day a different root/path, amazing views! The staff has been very supportive, discreet and helpful. Our group was very helpful. We encouraged each other. Our accomplishment was a group work. We were all very connected. Didn’t get bored not even a minute. From one pleasant experience to the next. From yoga to massage, great food and time to rest. THANK YOU! Looking forward for the next.

Michalis Boussias 

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